Shooting Sports Website Package Add-ons

Whether you've already established your Shooting Sports website, or you're just gettingstarted with your first online store, we have a wide variety of SEO, Social Marketing& Design enhancements that will help you get the most out of your web presence.Below are some of the added features and services available to our new & veteranSports South customers.

Upgrade your Site Design

Custom Site Design

  • Customized website branding: Graphics and Logo
  • Refinements to: Site template, Home page, Category page, Product Listing and Company Info pages

Logo Enhancement

Your logo is very much a part of your corporate identity. If you have been waitingfor an opportunity to tweak your logo, or you just need to update it to match yournew site design, we would be delighted to help.

Logo Development

Are you looking to create a new corporate online identity? If you don't yet have a logo, our trained graphic designers have expertise in web branding and can create the perfect logo for you to show off on your new site.

Mobile Cart

The Mobile Commerce Plug-in provides an enjoyable shopping experience that has allof the core functionality that customers need to successfully shop from their mobiledevices.

Custom Landing Page

  • One custom landing page design & build
  • Training to create additional landing pages

Drive Traffic & Build Customer Loyalty

Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews are a great way to build customer loyalty and interact with your customers. With this add-on, your customers can log in with their Facebook accounts, and post comments to your product pages.

Facebook Page Shop Tab

This social branding service provides a lot of value for very little cost. Vortxwill:

  • Create a corporate identity (Fan Page) for you on Facebook (Already have a fan page set up? Great! That makes it even easier).
  • Design a complete "Shop" tab on your Facebook Fan Page to match your brand identity; includes a mailing list sign-up form.
  • Turn the account over to you for management.

SEO 101 Boot Camp

The world of SEO is ever changing but the fundamentals remain the same. Your softwarecomes equipped with built in SEO functionality, but how do you use it? This 3-hourboot-camp which is broken up over two 1 hour sessions will provide you with thebasic skills and tools to get your site off on the right track.
You will learn:

  • The importance of keyword research and what tools to use.
  • How to implement your keywords into your new site.
  • Landing Page and Product Description Optimization Tips
  • Link Building Strategies

These sessions will then be followed up with 1 hour worth of ad-hoc consulting thatcan be consumed in increments of 15 mins over a one month period following the completionof the last workshop session.

Social Media Training Part 1

This is a one-hour training session that covers Facebook, Twitter, Blogging andEmail Marketing for those who’d like to know where to begin. The training includes:

  • A general overview of Social Media, what it is and why it is essential for your business
  • Best times to send email blasts, tweets, posts and blogs to get the best results
  • How to combine all four medias so they work together as one
  • Recommended Free Tools for Success

Social Media Training Part 2

This is a one-hour training session that focuses on “What is a Twitter Plan?” Thetraining includes:

  • Answering the questions… What is a Twitter plan and why do I need one?
  • Instructions on how to develop a Twitter plan
  • Best practices for your Twitter plan
  • Tools to help you succeed with your Twitter plan

Social Media Training Part 3

This is a one-hour training session that focuses on “What is a Facebook Plan?” Thetraining includes:

  • Answering the questions… What is a Facebook plan and why do I need one?
  • Instructions on how to develop a Facebook plan
  • Best practices for your Facebook plan
  • Tools to help you succeed with your Facebook plan

Support & Training

Site Feature Configuration Assistance

Get one-on-one help to configure your advanced store features:
  • Category and Attribute Setup
  • Product Overrides
  • Price Rules Setup
  • Shipping Rules Setup
  • Product Reviews Setup

Support Block

5 hours ad-hoc support for:
  • Consultation
  • Training
  • Live Site Support
  • Configuration Assistance
  • Design Refinements

Get More from your Store

Sales & Conversion Bundle


Want to grow your success beyond your own online store, but retain control?

  • DotFeed Platform extracts all your published products from your Sports South Store
  • Then it gives you total control over a set of rules to optimize your products
  • You will use the rules to build up optimized information for any/all channels
  • Change the titles, descriptions, keywords, categories etc to best suit your needs
  • Schedule each of your feeds to keep content fresh
  • Then leave it to run. No more work to do!
Sale Banners on Product Listing & Product Detail Pages
  • Comes with Three Sale Banners (“New”, “Sale”, “Free Shipping”)
  • Training to Create Additional Banners

Service Upgrade Bundle

Additional customer service features:
  • Quote Management
  • Promotions Engine
  • E-mail when back in stock
  • Events Calendar
  • Advanced Shipping

Live Chat

Engage your visitors and customers in conversation with our Live Chat feature - test drive it on our site at